Seth is fussing in his car seat.  I hear his fuss turn to scream, but I can’t see him in the dark, with his car seat rear facing.

“Samantha, what happened to Seth?”

“He bit his tongue!”

Josh and I are instantly alert.  “What?”

“Seth bit his tongue.  I saw him!”

I spin around in my seat.  Samantha’s got that look, the guilty look.  I tell her calmly, sternly, “I need to know right now what you did to Seth.”

It takes her a minute.  And then a few more minutes as we walk through the thought process that brought her to pinching the baby’s nose, the results it got her, and just how well she thought that had turned out.

Simon listens the whole long while.  Finally, he reaches over to possessively grab Samantha’s hand, turning his sternest gaze on me.  “MAMA!  You be nice to Samantha!  She’s my sister!”  He leans forward to see Samantha around the edge of his car seat.  “And Samantha, you be nice to Seth! He’s my baby brother!”

Suitably, simply chastised, Samantha and I both turn back around in our seats, and get quiet.