Fall Color

Our first fall with a yard, and no maintenance team.  It’s been an experience.  Rakes are apparently very much a “seasonal item” which translates into “perpetually out of stock.”  With every leaf off the three trees in the back yard, I finally got a rake and a dry day to use it together at the same time.  No luck on a bag holder yet.

So I made do with Samantha’s help.

“Oh, sorry.  I dropped it.”

“Oh, sorry.  My nose itched.”


“Oh.  My stomach hurts.”

I had to ask, “Do you think you’ve got motion sickness from trying to stand still for so long?”

She had no idea what I might mean.  “Nevermind, darling.  Go play.”

I roped Simon into helping next.  “Simon, hold it up. ”

“Simon.  Hold it up.”

“Simon.  HOLD THE BAG UP!”


“SIMON! Where are you going?”

Off chasing squirrels with Samantha.  I think I was right about her stomach.

Five bags bagged and stacked.  One quarter of the backyard done.  It’s going to be a long week.