It’s been very quiet since we moved, once we got past the drama of moving.  The summer has been filled with long walks and playing in sprinklers.  I have a collection of wonderful moments: the sound of a happy, tired toddler babbling in his daddy’s arms, both wet from the sprinkler; watching Simon do his happy dancing run that I hadn’t seen since he was a toddler; having long conversations with Samantha.  Not so many moments seem so surreal or so hysterical as they did before the move.

Here’s a little flavor of summer, before the heat goes and the fall begins:

Probiotic Popsicles

Doesn’t that sound delicious?  You can laugh now.  I don’t tell the children that name.  I tell Samantha they’re just grape juice.   Simon doesn’t care what they are.  They’re frozen, and sweet, and tasty, and that’s all he needs to know.  Seth is decidedly pre-caring about names.

I started these because Simon in particular needed something new.  Kombucha is off the shelves, and I can’t make it to save my life.  He loves the stuff, and it keeps his stomach the healthiest in the house.  Without it, we have been lost.  Curse Whole Foods!

I use a bottle of liquid probiotics that have more bug variety than our coconut yogurt.  I put just one tablespoon of the liquid (that’s 1 serving according to my bottle) into 12 ounces of fruit juice.  I used grape because our probiotics are grape and berry flavored.  With that mixed well, I freeze it in our kinderville molds.  Samantha loves to crunch on the popsicle, but will not drink the melted juice.  Simon gets irritable that he can’t have all four.  Seth thinks they’re fun to play with, and will eat half of one.  I will play with the amount of probiotic until, hopefully, I can get a full serving into each popsicle, and still get Samantha to eat one.


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  1. interesting, i may have to employ this at my house. I have only just recently became a believer in probiotics. I mean, i knew they worked, but until i started on them myself, i had no idea what a difference they would make.

    we’ve also been freezing our own grape pop cycles so the timing of this post is impeccable.

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