Time Out

Simon was a holy terror this morning.  Mouthing off, irritable, irritating, obnoxious, to me and both of his siblings.  I was trying to keep our morning routine running smoothly, and he was the sand in my cogs.

Finally, out of patience, I snap at him, threatening, “SIMON!  Do you just need to go back to bed?!”

With that goofy grin on his face, he nods.  I am so sure that he is just testing me.  “Alright.  GET UP!  You’re going to bed.”  I’m listening for him to say, “Oh, no!  I didn’t mean it!  I recant!  I’ll be good!”  And I want a good recanting, too, because our morning is toast, thanks to him.

Instead, he hops out of his seat, takes my hand, and goes right back to the bedroom with me.  Perplexed, I order, “Well!  Cover up!  Go to sleep!”

He climbs up into the bed, and covers up, still with that infuriating grin.  I’m at a total loss.  So I just go through the routine of putting him to bed.  I sit down next to him, and hold his hand.  Seth settles in to nurse, a little ahead of his nap time, but he gives it his best effort.  It’s bed time.

Simon sighs happily, and snuggles up against me.  “Thank you, Mama.”  That’s right.  “Thank you, Mama.”

Seth really wasn’t ready for nap yet, so I did have to leave before he fell asleep, but Simon opted to stay in the bed, resting, and came out on his own twenty minutes later, much more relaxed and focused.

I recant.


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