The children spent a bit of the afternoon playing with the hose and a tiny kiddie pool outside, until they all had blue lips.

The oldest two come running up to the door.  Samantha shouts, “Can I have a warm shower?”  Simon shivers, and scowls, “Can I have a towel?”

My answer to both:  “Go tell Dad.  He’s got Seth in the bath already.”  My hands are full with washing dishes.  Samantha eagerly dashes off.  Simon hangs around, and pleads, “Can I just have a towel?”  He is not at all pleased with the consistent answer, “You’ll have to ask Dad for it.”

Finally, he leaves the kitchen.

He bursts into the bathroom on his bewildered dad, “Daddy!  I need a towel!  And DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT A SHOWER!”

The wonder that is Simon’s brain.  A cold hose on jet power is hilarious fun.  A warm shower is a form of water torture.


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    • I think, too, that he was remembering an earlier warning that day that it was getting to be time to really wash his hair, which we don’t do often because it’s such an ordeal to him.

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