Woot Paste

Samantha announces, “Daddy, I have decided that I will be called Woot Paste.”

Daddy’s eyebrows shoot up, “Woot Paste?”

Samantha nods earnestly, “Woot Paste.”

“Samantha, where did you get this?  Where did this come from?”

Samantha answers cheerily, “From my brain.  My brain calls me Woot Paste.  So I changed my name to Woot Paste.”

Daddy asks, “Can I just call you Woot?”

Samantha scowls, “NO!  Woot PASTE!”

Daddy asks, “Can I just call you Paste?”

Samantha’s scowl darkens, “NO!  WOOT PASTE!”

“Well, okay then, Woot Paste.”

And now he’s giggling and breathless, “Well, Woot Paste, get your hand out of my face.”  “Well, Woot Paste, what are you watching?”  Until he finally gets to “Well, Woo….<giggle, snort, gasp, giggle>  Woo …  <giggle, snort, gasp, giggle>”


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