It was a brutally hot day.  The car was suffocating, even after opening it up and starting the air.

Samantha lets Josh know, “Daddy, it’s hot out here,” as he is snapping everybody into their seats.

“Yes, it is,” doesn’t seem to be the level of enthusiastic agreement or response that she is looking for.

She watches his face as he straps in her baby brother.  “It’s hot like molten lava.”

Daddy agrees, as he adjusts Seth’s straps, “You’re absolutely right.”

She tries again to get her full meaning across. “It’s like chicken fried burnt lava soup out here.”

That does it.  Laughing, we both turn around to look at her, repeating her unique phraseology.

Slightly embarrassed, a bit thrilled, she leans back in her chair, pushing her hair away from her hot face.  “Well, that’s just an expression that I like to use when it’s really hot.”


9 thoughts on “Soup

    • I wonder if she got that from Word Girl. She watches a lot of PBS. I have no idea where she got the chicken fried bit from. It’s not exactly a menu item here.

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