Last night, playing in the backyard with the hose, I kept the bugs off my children, but not off me.  From the knees down, I have been a feast.

Simon caught sight of my legs this afternoon, as we were getting ready to go out.  His eyes got big.  “Mama!  You got hurts!”

I decide not to tell him that the bugs did it.  We have plenty of bug drama as it is.  “I’m okay.”

He touched my leg gently.  “You got a lot of hurts, Mama.”  He looked up at me, worried, “Can you walk?”

So tender.  So sweet.  So much for my confidence in the idea that no one else was going to notice or think much of the giant, red, and apparently crippling bumps all over my legs.


6 thoughts on “Bites

  1. What a sweet, darling little guy! This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. I can’t believe I haven’t been here before! I love your stories and your honesty. Thank you!

  2. We’ve found that breast milk works wonders on bug bites. I wasn’t nursing last summer and we tried everything under the sun (natural and not) only to have to constantly reapply it, if it worked at all. This summer I thankfully have that liquid gold, and only one application is required! Now if only I could convince my 3-year-old to let me put it on him….. 😛

    • It would certainly be cheaper than the benedryl cream! Which is about all I’ve actually tried. I used to scald my legs, and that would pull the itch right out, for about twelve hours, but it made the bites look even worse, and I already have a near fatal case of the ugly lumps. 😉

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