Samantha is playing in the living room.  She overhears a snippet of me asking Seth about the green beans he is eating in the kitchen.  She hears just enough to misunderstand.

“Momma!  Why are you calling Seth a green bean?”

I don’t feel like explaining her error to her.  “Because I thought it would be funny.”  I instantly regret saying that.

She answers back, “Well, it’s not funny.  It’s just not!”

She is not a fan of nicknames.


5 thoughts on “Button

  1. I love your style! Being long winded and a victim of a typing turrets’ I love short, sweet and funny. I hope you called him Green Bean a few more times at least to get a rise out of her?

  2. I really like the short funny posts, especially when I’m bored. Your post definitely lessened my boredom, so thank you!

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