Josh is flipping channels.  A sci-fi movie catches his attention.  Despite the doom music, he doesn’t flip quickly.

A giant squid thing wraps its tentacles around the hero.  Samantha already has her hands over her eyes.  Josh steps in front of Simon to block his view.

Samantha asks, behind her hands, “What is it?  What’s happening?  Is it over yet?”

Simon is swarming Josh, “What is it?  What’s happening?  Get out of my way!  I can’t see!  I need to see!”

Josh flips the channel.  Both children wail, “NO!  GO BACK!

Samantha asks, “Who are those people?  Why were they in the water?  Are they going to be okay?

Simon bursts into tears, “Go back, Daddy!  I need to see it!  I need to see the octopus in the scary river!”


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