I had left the dryer open earlier, and hours later found the time to empty it.   I lean down, and there’s a cat.  The wheels in my brain turn slowly.  “Oh.  It’s George.  Wow.  I was so not expecting to see him in there.  Hmm.  He looks a little spooky back in there, in the dark.  He’ll come out when I pull the clothes out.”  I reach a hand in to scoop out the clothes, and hear myself scream.  Good grief!  I had time to think about how unexpected it was to see a cat in there, and now I’m screaming.

It was a good scream.  Simon comes running in, feet and hands dancing.  “Oh, oh!  What is it?  Is it a bug?  IS IT A BUG?  Where is it?  WHERE’S THE BUG?

I wonder where he gets that.