The Greatest

Family Restroom SymbolWe stopped outside the pet store for Josh to run in for cat food on the way to his work.  Samantha is not thrilled with the wait.  As soon as Josh returns to the car, she announces, “I have to go potty!”

Josh has to get to work, and the baby, too, is tired of sitting in the car.  No way are we waiting any longer.

Samantha coped with that announcement cheerfully, “That’s okay.  I’ll just go at your work.  When we get there, you will take me in with you, and I will go potty, and then I will come right back out to the car.  Does that sound good, Daddy?”

Clearly, this is not an emergency, and I am feeling just a little annoyed with her plan.  As we get close to Josh’s office, she says, with a happy little sigh, “You guys are the greatest.  You always take care of me.  You take me to the potty when we are in the car, and I need to go.”

Attitude check for Mama.


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