Saturday was a rough day, and our children behaved beautifully through some tense errands, and a lot of time in the car.  At the end of the day, right before heading for the playground, we stop in at Old Time Pottery.  Seth rides wrapped to my tummy.  Samantha sits in the seat of the cart Josh is pushing, while Simon sits in the unusually deep basket, playing with a race car.  I walk ahead down one section, to lead the way through rows of ceramic pots and garden decorations.  I can hear Josh and Samantha chatting happily as they follow.  Simon is quiet.

Simon is quiet.  I hear Josh and Samantha’s conversation come to an abrupt end as Josh exclaims, “Simon!  OH MY GOD!”  That was puzzling.  It surely couldn’t be that he’d broken anything.  Simon is quiet.  No sound of anything falling.  He had his race car.

Right before I turned around, right before Josh spoke, he’d caught the eye of a lady before she hurried away.  It was one of those looks, a “Gah, you suck as a parent!” look.  So he leans to the side of Samantha to see what on earth had gotten this woman’s panties in a wad, and that was when I heard his reaction.

So I turn around, and there is our son, standing up in the cart, casually surveying the merchandise, like a pint size version of Michelangelo’s David, stark naked.

As we wrestle him back into his clothes, while he sobs, “BUT I NEED TO BE NAKED!” another shopper passes us in the aisle, grinning.  Thank you, God, for that woman.


11 thoughts on “David

  1. Hehe! Can’t really blame him. It’s just the rules (that we’ve heard for years and years now) that keep clothes on some of us. LOL! Glad someone at the store saw some humor in it. 🙂

  2. You are right… a comment IS needed here, but I do not know what to say! This is absolutely priceless though! This story will come in handy for many, MANY years to come!

  3. Ah! Our families would have so. much. fun. together!! I am daily shocked that my middle child has not yet thought of doing this yet. Love the story! He was probably inspired by something he saw in the store. Now you have a great story to blackmail him with when he starts dating…

  4. Hilarious! I would have been the woman grinning too. Naked children kind of come with the territory at some point in our lives. (I still remember Gates plastering himself between the blind and the window overlooking the parking lot while wearing not a shred of clothing.)

  5. I would have peed myself laughing, and then reached out to give you a hand. How hilarious! Sometimes you just NEED to be naked, lol.

    At least he wasn’t

  6. that’s great. he NEEDED to be naked! I have moments like that, too. :shifty. lol.

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