Simon was in the bathroom while Samantha was in the kitchen complaining about her tights.  He overhears her, and pipes up, “KITES?  You have a kite?”  Samantha, still in a foul mood, howls back, “I SAID TIGHTS!”


Simon comes skipping out, “No, you have a kite!”  And he tries to snatch her tights to show her just how they become a kite.

Samantha yanks them back.  “I SAID TIGHTS! They’re MY tights!”

Simon yanks them back, laughing, “Kite!  It’s a kite!  Let’s fly a kite!”

Samantha screams at him, “I SAID TIGHTS!  L – O – Y – O – P  TIGHTS!”

And now she’s really mad, from watching her mom and dad have to pick themselves up off the floor from laughing so hard.

Game over.  Reset.