Purple Sweet Potatoes Revisited

I got those sweet potatoes again.  They are stupidly expensive here, so it’s likely for the last time.  This time, I chopped them up into fries, made fast and simple, baking in the oven.


Potatoes (purple, orange or russet), scrubbed clean

Olive oil



Preheat the oven to 400F.  Peel the potatoes (unless you’re using russets).  Chop into finger thick slices.  Toss in a large bowl with just enough oil and salt to coat.  I get more creative with herbs and spices when I’m using russets, but sweet potatoes are great with nothing more than salt.  Spread them out in a single layer on a cookie sheet.  Bake until the fries are soft.  If you check them and find that they aren’t soft, give them a stir while you’ve got the oven open.

Technically, I should stir them halfway through, but I don’t even know how long it takes them to cook, and the time varies anyway depending on how rough a chopping job I managed.  Technically, I should probably also soak the slices in ice water for at least an hour, dry them thoroughly, and then coat with the oil, to get a better texture, but I don’t run a technical kitchen.  I run a baby juggling kitchen, and bowls of ice water and waits of over an hour have no place here.  The thought of drying entire pounds of potato slices is just hysterical at this stage.  A very inefficient use of time, and either laundry or paper towels.  Skipping these details still yields an acceptably yummy and definitely nutritious food.  When the youngest turns 6, or the oldest gets interested in real recipes, we’ll see about getting fancy.

I served a plate of these to both my big kids for snack.  Simon wasn’t keen on his, and wandered over to his sister’s plate to find out if hers were any different.  They were.  Samantha uses ketchup as a dip, and so her plate had a nice sized helping.  Simon had not yet grasped that concept, and tended to eat ketchup for snack, ignoring the food on his plate.  I don’t generally serve ketchup to him as a result.  So, he stuck his finger in Samantha’s ketchup, all set to enjoy, and she responded with amazing calm, “Here, Simon.  This is how you do it.”  She proceeded to demonstrate the proper way to dip and eat a fry.  He watched, tried it out, and found it delicious.  They finished the plate together in silence, with me quietly refilling it with more ketchup and his untouched fries.  I’m over the moon!