Terror in the Tub

Samantha was finishing up her bath.  Simon skipped into the open bathroom to see how quickly she was exiting.  Screaming ensued.  Unusual screaming.  This wasn’t a sibling fight.

Simon came racing back out, yelping breathlessly, raising the alarm and seeking help.  A bug is in the bathroom!  Samanatha started sobbing hysterically and screaming for help.  The bug is in her tub!

The intense level of their emotions gets to me.  I envision a giant water bug in the bath water with my baby girl.  I send the Daddy.  I can’t even go look.  I’m too busy trying to scratch the creepy feeling off my arms, and cowering.  No way am I facing a water bug if I don’t have to.

Josh arrives in the bathroom door, Simon urging him to hurry.  “Where’s the bug?!  Where is it?!”  I can hear the children shouting, “RIGHT THERE!  RIGHT THERE!”  And Josh clearly can’t find it.  Phew.  At least it’s not in the water.

There’s a pause.  With Daddy on the scene, calm is slowly restored, even in the presence of The Bug.  Finally, I hear Josh, “Guys.  That’s a mosquito.”

There are three beet red faces in the house tonight.