Peaches and Cream Popsicles

Photo by Robert WetzlmayrMy kids are not keen on the texture of yogurt.  To be specific, Simon involuntarily gags and retches when he watches me spoon it into his baby brother.  Popsicles are my way around this aversion.

Yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics.  We use coconut yogurt, made without any cow milk.  Coconut yogurt is also a great source of healthy fats, calcium and magnesium.  Freezing the yogurt keeps it from fermenting any further, but does not kill off the probiotics or damage the nutritional content.  Cow milk yogurt will work well, too.

This particular popsicle recipe uses peach puree.  You can make it yourself in a food processor, just peaches with a touch of water.  Frozen peaches work fine for this, when they’re out of season fresh.  This recipe makes 13 ounces of popsicle mix, exactly what I need to fill our Kinderville molds.  Adjust the milk amount for more or less liquid.

I like the Kinderville molds because they survive being stepped on, and are harder to lose than little plastic sticks.  They are BPA free, and wash well in the dishwasher.


1 cup vanilla coconut yogurt (6 oz)

1/2 cup finely processed peach puree

3 ounces rice milk


Mix well in a small mixing bowl.  Fill the molds and freeze.

I like to make a little extra to fill the bottom of a little plastic container to freeze for Seth.  I use a paring knife to slice the slim brick into baby sized chunks.  He enjoys them as finger food.


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  1. Brilliant! We just discovered coconut milk yogurt, and I had everything to make this. I have some freezing, my kids are impatient for them to be done…

    (I just blended frozen peaches, the milk and the yogurt together.)

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