Samantha discovered a bag full of “rotated out” stuffed animals in the storage closet.  She rummaged through and found a Lady from Lady and the Tramp.

So excited, she danced out to show off her prize.  Her enthusiasm and joy certainly convinced Simon that Lady was indeed a prize to be had, and he set out in his usual loud and somewhat violent quest to obtain it.

Samantha, however, is a quick thinking sister.  With Simon in determined pursuit, she raced back to the closet and the bag of toys.  With no time to be choosy, she yanked out the first toy she could find.

It used to be a Tigger.  Years of toddler loving and his time in storage had not done good things to him.  His black stripes had faded to fungus green spots on his clumpy orange fur.  Samantha looked at what she had to work with, and it registered visibly on her face that this was going to be a very hard sell.  Still, she was desperate enough to try.

She shoved it into Simon’s face, obscuring his view of the toy he really wanted.  “Look, Simon!  It’s a … cat!  It’s pretty!  Take it, Simon!”

Simon wasn’t falling for it.  Fortunately for her, and not so fortunately for me, he was on to the mother lode behind her.  Every toy, except for the dog and the mangy cat, were his now.