Samantha wandered up to me, leaned against my knee and asked, “Mama, do you like red and purple?”

I nodded, “Yup.”  I was curious as to where this was going.  Samantha’s favorite colors have historically been red and pink.  Never purple.

“Mama, do you like the color blue?”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close.  “I do.  Do you want to know why I love the color blue?”

She nodded, so I continued.  “I love the color blue because your eyes are the most beautiful blue.”

She smiled and squeezed me.  “I’m your blue girl.”

I’m sure she meant blue-eyed but the odd phrase sparked something in her head.  “Mama, if you wanted to get the paints out, you could get the blue paint out, and paint me blue, just like the dog on Blue’s Clues.  If you wanted to.”  She grinned, and finished enthusiastically, “That would be okay with me.”


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