This morning was an odd one.  The garbage truck was particularly loud, and woke up Simon a couple of hours too early, while Daddy was getting ready for work.  Simon snuck out of the bed and into the living room, while I tried to put him back to sleep, and settled himself in for some quality Daddy time.  Daddy fed him treat cereal, and turned on the PBS shows Simon’s never been up early enough to see before.  And all was great, until Daddy needed to get into the shower.

“Alright, Simon.  You got everything you need?  I’m getting into the shower.”

The boy erupts!  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Daddy is remarkably hard to shake.  “Yes, Simon, I have to get into the shower now. ”

Simon narrowed his eyes, and shouted, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You’ll get your underpants WET!”

Daddy is amused, but running out of patience.  “I’ll take them off.  Now do you need anything else?”


Daddy ditched his underpants and stood there in the hallway, naked.  “There.  Now I won’t get my underpants wet.  I’m getting in the shower.”

He turned towards the bathroom and his shower, Simon screaming after him, “BUT NOW YOU’LL GET YOUR BODY WET!

Simon is not a fan of showers.


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