Shut the door.

He shut the door.

It’s such a mundane activity.  How many times a day do you shut a door?

Last night, Seth shut a door for the very first time.  I had moved it a little, to get something from behind it, and he saw it, and he knew it for what it was, and what it could do, and it was his turn.

He’s so tiny.  Standing up, his head isn’t even half way to the door knob.  He wobbled and swayed, one hand in the air, one hand grasping the door, and finally decided this was safest attempted on his knees.  He pushed the door closed, then still on his knees, he put both hands on the door and shoved and shoved, grunting, until he got it to click closed.  He turned back to me and beamed.  He’s 9 months old.

There is something surreal and profoundly sacred in celebrating something so simple.

He shut the door.


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  1. Love it. Love your whole blog. Every time I get around to reading blogs I hungrily gobble up all your posts from the past few months and spend the whole time giggling and “aww”-ing. You’ve got such a great way with words!

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