Just call them steaks!

Dinner.  Daddy’s in charge.  He’s presenting them with a plate of grilled chicken, grilled the night before, when we also had steak.

Simon and Samantha, in unison:  “What’s that?”

Daddy: “Chicken!”

Simon and Samantha, in unison: “Chicken!?”

Daddy:  “Yes, chicken.”

Simon and Samantha, in unison: “Oh, we love chicken!”

Daddy begins slicing up the chicken into more child friendly strips.

Simon pipes up:  “I love steak!”

Daddy: “You like steak?”

Simon: “Yes.  I love steak!”

Daddy:  “Well, we’re having chicken tonight.”

Simon responded, cheerfully:  “No, steak.”

Samantha sighed, exasperated, and instructed her Daddy:  “UGH!  Just call it steak!”

Daddy:  “Samantha.  You are beginning to sound eerily like your mother.”

I don’t sound -anything- like that.


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