What am I doing wrong?

Simon is playing with the concept of peeing standing up.  He has mastered the art of peeing into buckets, and has learned not to pee into toy boxes, but the potty has always been a sit down affair.  Until lately.  Lately, his bedtime routine has expanded to include The Pee Ritual.  The boys pee together, standing up.  A few weeks of that, and now most times when Daddy takes a potty break, he has a tag along, eager to share the experience.

Tonight, the tag along came dancing into the bathroom, right on cue, his whole body moving with the dance.

Daddy hid a sigh.  “Simon, you gotta pee?”

As though the idea had not yet occurred to him, Simon brightened, “Ooh!  Yes!  Yes!”

He took his spot by the bowl, but the dance had not left him.  Jittering and jigging and grunting, he danced in place.  “Ooh!  Ooh!  What’s happening?  It’s not working!  What am I doing wrong!?

Daddy responded, dryly, “Well, for one thing, you’re moving around too much.”

Simon acted surprised.  “Oh.”  He got still, finished his business, and merrily went on about his way.

The Daddy couldn’t hardly zip up for laughing so hard.


One thought on “What am I doing wrong?

  1. Not wanting to divulge much more than I already do on the interwebs but the sheer horror that it would be for my husband who just now became comfortable with leaving the door open when alone with the kids is enough to make me laugh with you. You’ve got a good guy there.

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