Conversations at Bedtime

UpIt’s past bedtime.  Samantha isn’t onboard with this idea.

She darts past Daddy and stations herself on the potty.  “I’m going poopoo!”

Daddy is not pleased, and having a very hard time hiding his frustration.  “Okay.  Go poopoo!”

With those beautiful blue eyes, she looks up at him and announces merrily, “Okay!  I’m going to go potty until you go to bed!”

Now it is Daddy refusing to get onboard.  “Um, no!”

She re-calculates.  “I’ll go potty until you wake up?”

Daddy responds, “No.”

Samantha tries again, “I’ll go potty forever?”

Daddy flatly refuses, “No.”

Samantha ventures, grinning, “I could … help you cross the street?”