This morning, we had to take Josh to the airport at what is for us an obscene hour. The sun was already up, though still at an angle that stabs through the window no matter what you do with the visor.

Josh succeeded in dragging the small boy from his bed and getting him dressed without too much fuss, but taking him out the door was another matter entirely. Simon began to wail and shriek, hands plastered over his eyes. We got him strapped into his carseat, and he promptly stole the baby’s blanket. The entire trip to and from the airport, Simon wore the blanket over his head, moaning, “My eyes! My eyes!” and “I need to go to bed!”

By the time we got home, my head hurt, so we both took Motrin and got back into the bed. Simon slept like he was starting his night over from scratch, and did not make another appearance until mid afternoon.

Never wake a sleeping boy.