popsicle moldSimon named it. It’s a lovely little drink that doubles as a popsicle. Which I’m sure is an aid to women everywhere. Somehow.

Mason Jar
Honey (Buy local!)
Lemon Juice (I buy frozen at Kroger. No additives. Just frozen lemon juice in a bottle.)
Cold water (Cold tap water works.)
Popsicle mold
Vigorous energy

Pour some honey into the bottom of the jar. Add about twice as much lemon juice. Fill the jar the rest of the way with cold water. Seal tightly, and do the shaking dance. It works best if all the children in the household participate in the dance. It might take awhile, depending on how cold the water is. Better to take longer with the shaking, than try to chill the womenaide after all the excitement of making it. And it does taste best chilled. Ice cubes would probably help, but there isn’t usually room for any in my itty bitty freezer.

Pour a little into glasses. Serve to the thirsty shake dancers. Pour the rest into popsicle molds, and freeze. I use the popsicles to lure the children back inside after playing outside in the heat.

Last year’s $1 mold is still working for us this year. Plastic toddler forks make great popsicle sticks, when the original is missing.